Accepted Papers

Selection from heaps, row-sorted matrices and X+Y using soft heaps
Haim Kaplan, Laszlo Kozma, Or Zamir, and Uri Zwick

Isotonic Regression by Dynamic Programming
Günter Rote

A Simple Near-Linear Pseudopolynomial Time Randomized Algorithm for Subset Sum
Ce Jin and Hongxun Wu

Submodular Optimization in the MapReduce Model
Paul Liu and Jan Vondrak

A new application of Orthogonal Range Searching for computing Giant Graph Diameters
Guillaume Ducoffe

A Note on Max k-Vertex Cover: Faster FPT-AS, Smaller Approximate Kernel and Improved Approximation
Pasin Manurangsi

An Illuminating Algorithm for the Light Bulb Problem
Josh Alman

Relaxed Voronoi: a Simple Framework for Terminal-Clustering Problems
Arnold Filtser, Robert Krauthgamer, and Ohad Trabelsi

Simple Contention Resolution via Multiplicative Weight Updates
Yi-Jun Chang, Wenyu Jin, and Seth Pettie

On Primal-Dual Circle Representations
Stefan Felsner and Günter Rote

Towards a Unified Theory of Sparsification for Matching Problems
Sepehr Assadi and Aaron Bernstein

Approximating optimal transport with linear programs
Kent Quanrud

Simple greedy 2-approximation algorithm for the maximum genus of a graph
Michal Kotrbcik and Martin Skoviera

Simplified and Space-Optimal Semi-Streaming (2+ε)-Approximate Matching
Mohsen Ghaffari and David Wajc

Simple Concurrent Labeling Algorithms for Connected Components
Sixue Liu and Robert Tarjan

Compressive Sensing in the Presence of Adversarial Sparse Noise via L1-Regression
Sushrut Karmalkar and Eric Price

Asymmetric Convex Intersection Testing
Luis Barba and Wolfgang Mulzer

LP Relaxation and Tree Packing for Minimum k-cuts
Chandra Chekuri, Kent Quanrud, and Chao Xu

A Framework for Searching in Graphs in the Presence of Errors
Dariusz Dereniowski, Daniel Graf, Stefan Tiegel, and Przemysław Uznański

Approximating Maximin Share Allocations
Jugal Garg, Peter McGlaughlin, and Setareh Taki